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Before you Buy


One of the great sales pitches when buying a property is that "it has just been rewired" or the "electrics have just been updated" because it has a nice new meter does not mean it has been rewired.


Before taking this statement with any value ask to see the "Consuel's" "ATTESATION DE CONFORMITÉ" The "VISA DU CONSUEL" box should be perforated with the "Consuel's stamp". If the house does not have one then the electrics may not be up to standard and this is a point for negotiation, ask the estate agents for it, you may find that you will have to pay for the wiring to be updated at your cost to make it safe.



If you do not get shown one of these then houses being sold now come with a diagnostic report which will cover the electrical installation and will tell you what is wrong with the installation.

Tell-tale signs that a property has had an up grade to the electrical system are that the earthing spike will be in a covered pit, the earth wire coming to the earthing isolator "Barrette de terre" is bare copper wire normally in a plastic tube or cover "Gain". The consumer unit has an RCCD more than one if the property is over 35m² and it looks modern with no pull out fuses.

Electrical safety testing and appliance testing is your home safe, what did the last owner do or have done, full written reports carried out including estimates of corrective actions.

Old style meter and fuses

New style meter and consumer unit with RCCD and trips


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