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Most properties in France do not have an earth supplied by EDF, it is necessary for the client to provide their own earth this can be: an earth spike, spikes or earth cable in the ground dependant on ground conditions. Even when EDF put in a new supply or reconnect an old one they do not test the earth, as it is the owners' responsibility.

To ensure your earthing is adequate it is necessary to measure the earth loop impedance. This is the resistance between the earthing system you have and the transformer earth at the origin of your supply.

If you have an earthing spike like these you may need help

If you are not sure about your earth then I have the equipment to measure it. Depending on size of property it should take no more than an hour plus travelling time.

The tests are to confirm and prove the earth resistance is within the required limits >100 Ohms at each socket outlet or earthed appliance.

Finally do not be mistaken, all appliances will work without an earth, and your RCCD will trip if things become live. But if your earth is poor you may well be the path that your faulty equipment may take to trip the RCCD. This is not advisable, ensuring your earth is sound and anything at a risk of having a fault voltage on it is earth will cause the RCCD to trip before you do.

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