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Home or Business

If you are using English appliance such as washing machines, dishwashers, ovens. kettles, toasters or any other appliance that needs and earth, that has an 3 pin English plug fitted DO NOT use this with a shop purchased adaptor plug as they are only rated at 7.5amps and the earth connection is unsafe.

Fed up of having to reel out an extension lead each time you vacuum, have that additional socket outlet installed. Need to rearrange you living style but the sockets are in the wrong place, I can move them call for a quote.

Upgrade your electrical services?

New consumer units fitted with their own RCCD's and trips on existing installation, GTL on new and total renovations or conversions all in line with the French "NORMS".

I will issued the required work with the "Consuel" certification "ATTESATION DE CONFORMITÉ" once complete for whole work for part works the certificate will cover what I have completed but will highlight any non conformance's on the existing installation.

Electrical safety testing and appliance testing is your home safe, what did the last owner do or have done, full written reports carried out with estimates for corrective actions.

Trying to use more electricity than the main trip will let you there are alternatives to increasing your EDF supply and the increased electricity charges, which will have long term savings and less effect on the planet. A "Délesteur" can be used to switch off non priority circuits when the power consumption reaches the main trips limit.

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