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Why use an Artisan

When choosing a crafts person to work for you by selecting a registered Artisan you will know that the crafts person is qualified to do the work for you. They work to a prescribed method set by their trade. You have guaranties and insurances to cover the work they do. They will quote for the work they are to undertake so you will know exactly what your quote is for.

It is always best to get recommendations if they are not know to you ask for references and speak to others that have used them. Their paperwork should display their registration number, if in doubt ask to see their registration card or contact the Chambre de Métiers where they are registered.

If you have just purchased a property and want to know what the standard of the electrical installation is or you are concerned with what did the last owner did or had done, full written reports carried out including estimates of corrective actions.

A "Devis" or quote is a contract normally when it is signed you will pay a deposit which is normally 30% once the payment is made the contract is binding. If you use an Artisan then the work they do must be to a standard set by their trade, their work will be insured and guarantied if in doubt ask to see their assurance policy.

When using a registered Artisan you can benefit from 10% TVA for renovations.

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